Kalo Review

Hair removal has been an old and painful problem for most people. Although some may suffer from balding problems, there are also individuals who suffer greatly from excess hair! Through technology and modern science, hair removal has now become a very easy problem to solve. Through products like Kalo, removing excess hair from your skin is now easy, effective, safe and definitely painless!

Product Overview

Kalo inhibits the growth of unwanted hair in your body. Tweezers, razors, waxing, and electrolysis never have to be dealt with again. Because Kalo removes excess hair that appears everywhere in your body, you are guaranteed a safe and effective way to treat your excess hair problems.

Kalo is sold in over 30 countries in the world. It was introduced 11 years ago in the market and is a trusted name in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Unlike other products sold in the market, Kalo is an effective and permanent hair removal system. It is applied three times per day until your skin hair gradually reduces in number. It removes hair that grows in various areas of the body like the bikini line, leg hair, underarm hair, among the others.

Company Behind It

Nisim International is the maker of Kalo products. It began selling products in the year 1993 and is presently a trusted source of beauty and cosmetic products. They are a private company situated in Toronto, Canada which delivers quality-controlled items that are sold at affordable costs.


Kalo products are sold in a variety of prices. The Epilating Lotion is sold for $39 and the Spray is sold for only $57.40. A money saving kit, which includes both the lotion and spray, sells for only $82.75. The 3 Pak kit which contains a bottle of lotion, spray and IHT is sold for an affordable $110.35.


Kalo contains a blend of ingredients which aim to remove your hair growth permanently. It contains aqua and paraffinum liquidum as emollient for your skin. It also has Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Cetyl Alcohol for emulsifying effects. Stearic acid, Sucrose, Triethanolamine, Lactic acid, Persea Gratissima and Lanolin oil are its other ingredients. The product also contains small doses of preservative like EDTA and Propylparaben.


Kalo comes with an unlimited money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the products or the services, you can return all unused portion of your orders to get your money back, risk free!

Testimonials / Results

Happy customers of Kalo items say these about the product:

"I recently purchased your product Kalo. I have never taken the time to write a company regarding a product. For years I have looked for and spent thousands of dollars to rid myself of unwanted hair. I had heard about Kalo several years ago and ignored it as yet another product I would waste my money on. Finally out of desperation, I ordered. It works. It worked far faster then claimed on your website. And it was so easy to use. Thank you thank you. I just want to take a bath in the stuff!!!!!"
- Frances G

"I am extremely excited about Kalo™. I am that person who had to shave my legs EVERY day. I can't believe how nice it was to go days without the need to shave. After finally trying Kalo™ with waxing, right away I noticed spots where the hair did not return. Now after 3 months, growth is very sparse and fine enough to go almost six weeks between waxing. I can tell you I will only need a few more waxing treatments and the hair growth on my legs will be completely inhibited. I LOVE IT!"
- Shannon Murray, Cedar Rapids Iowa

What I Like

- The manufacturer of Kalo products is a trusted name in the beauty industry.
- The company is also a manufacturer of other beauty products that are sold worldwide.
- Nisim International is run by a team of professionals who aim to bring quality products at affordable costs.
- The items come with an unlimited money back guarantee.

What I Don't Like

The product may or may not work effectively on some people. Individuals may have various reactions to the product as well.


The fact that the company is a trusted source of beauty products makes them highly recommended for your hair removal needs. Kalo is also backed up by clinical studies and research which lend a big plus to the product.